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Our People

APT Driver-Guides are an exceptional group. They understand extraordinary travel experiences and what they have to do to make them happen. They are the consummate hosts, mind readers, photographers and walking encyclopedias. Passionate about what they do, many are currently undertaking study in the areas of horticulture, tropical and arid ecology, cultural heritage and conservation, anthropology and astronomy. You should see their CVs. Most of all, they are super fun to be around. Here are just some of APT’s talented Driver-Guides. 

Meet Gary Annett, APT's Driver-Guide.

Gary Annett

A passionate photographer

Once voted Australia’s Top Emerging Architectural Photographer, you can imagine the lure of the Kimberley for Gary - vast ancient landscapes, bold colours and magical light. Previously co-guiding as a camp manager at APT’s Bell Gorge Wilderness Lodge and discovering his passion for helping people make the most of their holiday experiences, Gary doesn’t just take you on a journey, but tells a damn good yarn along the way too.

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Meet Ian Box, APT's Driver-Guide.

Ian Box

Let the scenery speak for itself

Meeting new people and being out in the fresh air is what Ian loves most, which is why it’s no surprise that he has been a tour guide for more than 38 years. Ian’s favourite ‘on tour’ moments include watching guests’ reactions when they see the waterhole at our Mitchell Falls Wilderness Lodge, as well as the sheer beauty of Galvans Gorge. Ian’s best advice for touring is to bring with you a good sense of humour, good walking shoes and no real expectations – let the scenery speak for itself.

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Meet James 'Jimbo' Hunter, APT's Driver Guide.

James ‘Jimbo’ Hunter

Soft spot for the Mitchell Plateau

Studying Agriculture at Uni may have shown Jimbo a different perspective of the land, but nothing could prepare him for the raw inspiring wilderness of the Kimberley. A Driver-Guide with APT for over six years, Jimbo’s favourite moments on tour have been when it rains – from the thundering Mitchell Falls to driving through deep puddles along the rough Kimberley roads. He also nurses a soft spot for the Mitchell Plateau after working there as a Lodge Host in 2009.

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Meet 'Captain Bruce' APT's Driver-Guide.

‘Captain Bruce’

The allure of the Kimberley

It’s not an unfamiliar tale among APT Driver-Guides and staffers: Captain Bruce spent more than 20 years working in a bank before giving up the safety of the office for the allure of the Kimberley. Teaming up with APT in 2007, the Cap loves teaching his intrepid travellers about the region – especially seeing their smiles as they experience the Kimberley landscape for the very first time.

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Meet Colman Murray, APT's Driver-Guide.

Colman Murray

The natural wonders of Australia

Since 1986, Colman’s guiding experience spans the globe, beginning in Germany, then Namibia and finally here in Australia. A graduate of the university of life, Colman’s best advice is to be prepared to challenge yourself in a place where you will be rewarded for your efforts in ways you never imagined. Watching the awe on people's faces when he shows them the natural wonders of Australia is the best part of his job.

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Meet Jane Ballantyne, APT's Driver-Guide.

Jane Ballantyne

Every day is a new adventure

What started out for Jane as a plan to guide day trips to the Blue Mountains until she figured out what she wanted to do with her studies, has turned into ten magnificent years of tour guiding. Every day is a new adventure for Jane in Australia’s big backyard. It’s not just her travellers that adore this golden girl. Jane was recently nominated as a finalist in Tourism WA’s FACET ‘Golden Guide Awards’. Fingers crossed!

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Meet Jenny Holburt, APT's Driver-Guide.

Jenny Holbut

Australia’s gorgeous backyard

An accomplished graduate of the school of life, Jenny loves showing off Australia’s gorgeous backyard to folks who have rarely ventured beyond city living. A stint as assistant manager of APT’s Bungle Bungle Wilderness Lodge inspired Jenny to become a Driver-Guide. Four years on and armed with studies in Conservation and Land Management, Jenny’s love for adventure is best experienced in the Kimberley.

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Meet Vaughn Dunn, APT's Driver-Guide.

Vaughan Dunn

Unspoiled region

Currently in his fifth year of tour guiding, simply being out in the Kimberley inspires Vaughan to share it with others. The East Kimberley is his favourite part of the region and says, "there’s nothing like it on a large scale, with ancient sandstone ranges cut apart by incredible, world-class gorges and freshwater river systems". Vaughan considers it a privilege to not only show you this special part of Australia, but to educate you about this unspoiled region along the way too.

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Meet Katie, APT's Driver-Guide.

Katie Warrener

Simply beautiful and tranquil

A guide for more than eight years, Katie has been showing off the best of Australia, including Uluru, Kings Canyon, Australia Zoo, Fraser Island and now the Kimberley. An accomplished lifeguard and swim instructor, one of Katie’s favourite sights includes Galvans Gorge, which she describes as simply beautiful and tranquil. Katie’s best tip for travelling to the Kimberley is to make sure you pack warm clothes.

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Meet Sir John 'Kempy' Kemp, APT's Driver-Guide.

Sir John ‘Kempy’ Kemp

Magical Kimberley moments

Having started guiding as a spring chicken on the Milford track in New Zealand, Kempy has been guiding for more than 12 years. In his seventh season in the Kimberley, meeting so many interesting people is what Kempy loves most. He will introduce you to the many characters you find in the Kimberley, all of whom have their own stories. Fond of a tune, Kempy’s magical moment is when everyone gets together for wine and cheese to watch a sunset over the Bungles, all having a laugh and sing-along.

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Meet Magdita Murray, APT's Driver-Guide.

Magdita Murray

A water-baby at heart

There’s nothing better for Magdita than sitting around with ‘her guys’ at the end of the day with a glass of wine, swapping notes on the greatest highlights of their first Kimberley experience. A seasoned tour guide of both Europe and Central Australia, Magdita’s passion for different cultures and landscapes led her to embark on her adventure as an APT Driver-Guide, along with her husband Colman. A water-baby at heart, her favourite places in the Kimberley are Galvans Gorge and Emma Gorge.

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Meet Terry Dawson, APT's Driver-Guide.

Terry Dawson

Colours of the Kimberley

You are in great hands with Terry's expertise, who was selected to drive the Pope's entourage during his visit to Sydney in 1987. Terry's extensive touring experience spans decades and includes day tours in Sydney, the Blue Mountains, Hunter Valley and Canberra. From 1981, Terry expanded his repertoire, adding Adelaide, the Flinders Ranges, Alice Springs, Darwin and Perth. For Terry, there's nothing like seeing the colours of the Kimberley and watching the sunset over the Indian Ocean in Broome.

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Be guided through the Kimberley coast with Craig Ward on a small ship expedition cruise with APT.

Craig Ward

12 years in the Kimberley

Dive instructor, marine biologist and ship captain for over 12 years, Craig has been involved in marine research and education throughout the Indo-pacific. He studied Zoology at James Cook University and became a wildlife keeper and later recognised as a regularly cited author. In 2003, he established a marine expedition services company, designed to bridge the gap between tourism and conservation. 2016 will be Craig’s 12th consecutive year in the Kimberley.

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Be guided through the Kimberley coast with Jane Wilson on a small ship expedition cruise with APT.

Jane Wilson

Covering remote corners of the world

Born and raised in Australia, Jane graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Science and then a Master of Environmental Studies. Previously a research scientist, for the last 10 years Jane has worked on expedition vessels as a zodiac driver, lecturer and expedition leader, Jane has covered many remote corners of the world including South America, the Arctic, Antarctica, Europe, Southeast Asia and of course, the Kimberley.

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Be guided through the Kimberley coast with Jamie Watts on a small ship expedition cruise with APT.

Jamie Watts

Marine Life Educator

A fisheries consultant, researcher and marine life educator, including writing for several magazines, Jamie spends most of the year on expedition ships. He has been a scientist and marine ecologist for the British Antarctic Survey and is in the process of finishing his first book, on the marine life of the Antarctic. When not working, Jamie spends time with his son Alex, or researches and travels in search of weird and wonderful marine life.

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